Our Programs


Medical Support

There are lot of charitable institutions that provide medical support for one off operations and/or treatments – but Solace strives for the overall well-being of the patient and family. Solace works directly with medical institutions to understand the overall needs and acts accordingly.
Even without medical bills, we are forced to share the cost of medicines. Moreover, Ayurvedic as well as homeopathic medicine expenses are also being shared by Solace. Several times, the cost of surgery becomes a heavy hardship for the child to get back into life and we are bound to support the cost of surgery.


Home Care

Home caring is being conducted with our dedicated group of volunteers every week. Once a patient is registered in Solace, we visit their home to analyze their psychological and social issues. Such visits highlight the specific needs of the family – be it improvement of the condition of their home or psychological support they need to handle the situation. Solace working with patrons from multiple fields to help the family address these issues.


Family Strengthening


When one child becomes ill, especially when it is a life threatening disease, the entire attention of the family is focused on a single activity to bring him/her back into life. Other requirements of the family are often ignored – Solace steps in to address this situation and help improve the quality of life for such families by providing sibling education support, distribute food kits every month and help pay for travel and accommodation expenses to handle medical treatment of the terminally ill child.

Solace also helps strengthen the parents of these affected children by creating means for them to earn while taking care of the child through monthly vocational programs executed by our volunteers. This helps create a sustainable source of income for them.